Game Review – Monument Valley


I have an iPad. I often forget this as far as gaming options go, but it’s there, occasionally being a thing I touch for gaming instead of The Guardian, Reddit and Google Hangouts. Mainly I play Lords of Waterdeep, but occasionally something interesting appears. I saw pictures of this game like the one above, ooo, look at it. The game wasn’t free to play, it did cost money but only the once.

I beasted the gorgeous Monument Valley and wrote this review.

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Game Review – Tower of Guns

Tower of Guns

This game hit at an odd time for me. I’d heard enough news of upcoming shootybang games where I reached the point I felt I was pretty much done with games where the only method of interacting with the world is murder. Then this review copy appeared in D+Pad Towers and being someone who now has a PC which can run things, I grabbed it eagerly.

I approached this game at first like an errand, it needed A LOT of patching when it first came out. As I was slowly trundling through play after play, preparing for the review, I actually became less resentful. Just before I started the final draft of the review, a patch helped this game out in my eyes and I went back to the drawing board.

You can see my conflicted interest in this game here.

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Game Review – Jazzpunk


I’m a fan of the works of Jim Sterling and it came to light that he was providing some voice talent for a gonzo spy adventure game. It had a bizarre art style and extremely vague-sounding mechanics.

It was fairly short to run through but a hilarious experience. Read my review of it here.

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Review – Weapon Shop De Omasse


I’m a big fan of the 3DS, it was my console of choice for the last couple of years and has had some really interesting little games. Specifically the Guild 01 and Guild 02 projects which have you in some of the following roles: An airport luggage handler, a boy running errands in a town where kaiju attack every Friday, oh and where you’re the mech-flying teenage girl president of neo-Japan attacking robots who took over old Japan. That one was possibly the most lucid game made by Suda 51.

This game takes things into a bit more of a mundane realm. Weapon Shop de Omasse has you play the assistant to a blacksmith in a jRPG. Using simple rhythm games you make and repair weapons, then you follow the adventurers who rent them on a kind of high fantasy Twitter. Check out my review here.

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Still Alive

Hey there. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything here, however I’ve not stopped writing. Here’s a quick update and then over the next few weeks.


Still writing, mainly. I’ve also taken up basketball. Yeah, I’m surprised at that one too.


My lovely netbook, The Netronomicon, is dying. It’s sad but it’s been this way for a couple of years now. I spend more time watching frozen screens while anything tries to load. The internet is the worst part of any interaction with my lovely writing machine, so that means I’ve been bulk-updating things when I can rather than actually going online regularly for this sort of thing.
I am doing something about this though. In August I’ll be getting a new netbook to replace this one. It mainly needs to run: Scrivener, something I can spreadsheet on, DropBox, maybe VLC player and it needs to be able to survive offline as I write everywhere. If anyone has suggestions of places to look for one, please mention them in the comments.


This is still on. I’m almost done with the penultimate chapter of the novel and already starting to look at the way of digitally distributing serialised fiction. I’ll be writing articles about the project here alongside creating supplemental material, proofing, editing and rewriting anything I need to do from Lightning itself.


I’ve still been doing this too. One of the first things I’ll start putting up are links to my games journalism. Sorry about that non-game people, but it and my comics are some of the more regular things I’m easily able to publish and show to people.


I may already be planning my NaNoWriMo for this year. It’s not related to Lightning mainly so that I can have a break from the cast. I also have two more manuscript ideas which I’ve noted down for once I’m done with the Lightning project. I also have… plans for this NaNoWriMo. Oh yes, plans.


As part of my games journalism fun there was a suggestion of doing something on YouTube for D+Pad Magazine. Fred Black and I have been posting videos to the D+Pad channel on a weekly basis and we’ve been proving our own lack of ability at games, despite making a lot of words about them. You can find the channel here.


Oh, and soon I shall explain my hatred of owls.

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Comic Reviews for 12 February 2014

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Operation Lightning 2015

Operation Lightning 2015

That right there is a blank corkboard. Take it in. Breathe, relax. This is going to grow, it’s going to become something far bigger, far better.

For many years now I have had a concept called Lightning. It started life as pure pulp science fiction, became something more superheroic and is now… different. Now it’s a superheroic romantic comedy and a love letter to the popular culture. A race of aliens hiding on Earth, brought together by a tragedy and now split apart with the miraculous return of their leader. He was once a war hero and now he’s a father, a husband and a golf caddy. Then we have the adventures of his invincible, untouchable daughter and the invisible boy who loves her. Throw in golf club sword flights, drink-boating, a car turned into a rhino, a 1950’s dance and a very special Christmas episode… Lightning is a sprawling mosaic of drama and comedy, of powers and punching.

I believe in Lightning, and in my previous draft it didn’t quite all fit into a novel. I have been expanding on the ‘mosaic’ concept of the story and it’s sprawled out into something glorious and daunting. So here’s my plan…

In April 2015 I will launch Lightning as the first of eight novellas making up a “Season” of prose, effectively one long story over eight self-contained “episodes”. The first hit will be free, because let’s face it, I’m no one right now. From there, I’ll be pricing each part fairly low because each novella is just one episode of the greater story. But I have other plans. Lightning is going to be a little larger than simple a handful of episodes. I won’t go into all of the details here, but this board will be covered in them soon enough. I’ll be crossing them off as they come.

Now why is this April 2015? I have written the first half of the prose, but still have half of it to go. I haven’t edited anything yet, and have the side projects which are also in progress. Lightning isn’t my only baby either. I tend to get myopic to the point of letting the rest of my life go. It happens in NaNoWriMo each year and while I love it, I can’t have my whole year become that. I am still a games journalist for D+Pad Magazine. I still have my own vanity journalism in writing weekly comic reviews on Google Plus’ Comic Book Community, and tabletop game reports and reviews on Hooting Into The Abyss. I have another novel which I’ll be shopping round to agents in March. I have a webcomic to properly launch.

So Operation: Lightning 2015 will go into action on April 2015. This gives me time to finish the content, to find cover artists, people for one-off strips. It gives me time to try and hype it from my position of absolute nobody. It also means that April to July will be the first half of the story. I’ll have a gap in August to recover and make sure everything’s running (also because of a cliffhanger) and then September to December which will have the horror episode hit Halloween and the Christmas episode will be released in time for Christmas. Perfect timing.

This is something big, something fairly ambitious, completely in the, “potential crash and burn” zone, but I think it could work. I think it could be an adventure, and something worth trying out. Oh, and I’m sorry in advance to all my friends who will be dragged into the creation of Lightning.

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