Explosion High Artist’s Guide


Good news art person! I have very little idea of what each character will look like. Here’s the basics as far as I have them:



The tone of Explosion High is of extreme brightly-coloured fun and horrible violence all in one. It’s cartoon violence, but not in a cartoon world. I imagine a style which could look somewhere in the Invincible, NextWave or Justice League International vibe. Anything would do, but happy, silly and able to turn to dramatic and bloody on a dime.



Kaj is skinny, nerdy and will be bleeding a lot. The reason he has to suffer is that he’s the most generic, protagonist-like and this will punish him for it. Don’t worry, he’ll get the good sides, too. But also bloodshed. His armour is mainly defensive, using force-fields to defend himself and punch enemies. The suit also has boosters which allow him flight. He may be skinny but he’s athletic, he holds himself up and out, brave, like a super hero should be.



If Kaj would be the lead male protagonist, then in theory Trouble should be the lead female. She’s pretty and has a good personality. This is why we twist things. She’s the daughter of a supervillain, albeit a D-lister. He was a science AND magic genius who used the Goggles of Mischief to turn invisible and make illusions. Trouble has inherited the goggles and she originally intended on wearing his outfit. She’s made it her own over time, steampunky, quirky, with straps and tiny superficial gadgets over it. She holds herself inwards most of the time, self-conscious, if only because she’s used to her tiny family held together by a villain.



Jupiter did not bless Mercury with… well… anything. He has winged feet and a silly dishpan hat with big wings on it, but that’s about as far as his godly appearance goes. Jupiter made him a gawky, spotty teenager with a voice constantly on the verge of breaking. Mercury’s been around since before Jesus, he’s angry, he’s tired and hates everything. He acts older than he is, but his bad temper and immaturity make him act like a child, so it evens out.



A jock in green skin. He’s tall, looks human and comes from a planet with skimpy, inappropriate 1970’s sci-fi movie clothing (at best). He’s royalty and holds himself like that. He’s more vain than the vainest Cheerleaderbot and has a lot of insecurity to cover up with bluster, after all, he only has one small power.



Dawn would be ‘the hot chick’ if she dressed or acted like it. Despite the savage upbringing she’s not a chainmail bikini type. She dresses in armour made from things she’s killed, skinned and tanned herself. Dawn wields a sword bigger than she is and scowls a lot. She’s feral, barbaric and an overachiever. Dawn wants to be the best at everything, but has trouble with doors, microwaves and not skinning her enemies.



He’s a 12 foot long blue shark whose pectoral fins can grow out into wings. At their normal length he can hover at our head-height. He tends to curl slightly to fit into places not meant for a flying shark to go. He has a pair of robot arms attached to his sides by a thin brace. They’re not big or strong, but allow him to open a brewski and put some rad bling on. He’s not always adorned that way, but he’s good with getting dressed up when there’s a call for it. He’s also a prodigy in drama, much to everyone’s surprise

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