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Casual Trek

I’ve been in a Star Trek mood for a little while and it’s not gone away. I’m a fan, but not a massive fan. During lockdown I started a rewatch of Deep Space NIne and after running Modiphius’ Dishonored RPG … Continue reading

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RPG a Day 2018 – Day Twenty-Seven – Share a great stream/actual play

Share a great stream/actual play I’ve mentioned two things a lot in this year’s RPG a Day; Monsterhearts and the Gauntlet. While I know I’ve been pretty heavy on them both, there’s one more mention of them I have to … Continue reading

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Early 2018 Update

I wrote an update for where I’ve been at, what’s been going on and where you can find me. Then I didn’t post it and life kept changing. WordPress reminded me that I should actually pay for their service and … Continue reading

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Role-Playing Podcasts

A couple of things. First of all, I’m a massive podcast fan and there are some amazing RPG, “Actual Play” podcasts. Inspired by a friend from work who used to be a role-player and now experiences the games by listening … Continue reading

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