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Tomodachi Life Review

I was wowed and weirded out by the Nintendo Direct advert for Tomodachi Life. On D+Pad Magazine I’ve posted my review of my experiences with the game itself. I warn you, I made the X-Men for my little fictional island … Continue reading

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Comic Reviews 9 October 2013

BRIEF COMIC REVIEWS Each week I write comic reviews on the Google Plus Comic Book Community. This post contains last week’s reviews. ASTONISHING X-MEN #68 Warbird has been a really strange focal character. Not really a mutant, so much as … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up 2012: Comics

Here’s my first look back at my experience of the popular culture in 2012. We’re starting with the year in comics.

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But I Like Cyclops…

Everyone hates Scott “Slim” Summers, aka Cyclops from the X-Men. Not so. I’m a big fan, and in this article I start to explore the necessity for this kind of character, why people like and hate him, and my own … Continue reading

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The Life and Death(s) of Professor X

A bit of a spoiler, but Professor X, the guy who made the X-Men, is dead. It was met with a collective sigh, and the tapping of keyboards from several bloggers, pointing out the number of times he’s died in … Continue reading

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The Secret Origin of Charlie and the X-Men

I’m a huge X-Men fan. I always have been. Recently I was thinking that I wanted to re-read the classic Uncanny X-Men run from Giant Size onwards, to see if it held up. I wanted to find things to overanalyse, … Continue reading

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