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RPG Quest 2023

I love a weird quest, so it’s time to work out a new one. In 2021 I played every board game in my collection. It helped me discover some games I’d not played before, dust off some forgotten classics and … Continue reading

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Explosion High Issue One!

If your sidekick is slacking, your alien hero’s awful or your deity’s down in the dumps, you can always send them to Explosion High to learn how to be a superhero! The school’s got a beautiful jungle campus surrounded by … Continue reading

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Explosion High is now on Kickstarter!

I’ve been busy yelling all over social media about Explosion High being on Kickstarter that I’ve forgotten to make a post on my own blog about it. To be honest, this poor blog’s been so neglected that I only remembered … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Explosion High!

I’ve mentioned here before that I’m working on a comic called Explosion High. Well, it’s looking a lot more real now. The first issue’s script was written last year in a couple of sittings, the main one of which felt … Continue reading

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RPG a Day, Part Two

August’s over and RPG a Day with it. Here are my entries for the second half of the month. The RPG a Day challenge has been an interesting look at the RPGs people have played and their experiences with them. … Continue reading

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