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Thanos’ snap came to Avengers Academy

The mobile app game ‘Avengers Academy’ closed down recently and I thought I’d talk about it a little Continue reading

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Comic Reviews for 12 February 2014

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Comic Reviews for 15 January 2014 Not to announce out loud that I don’t know what I’m doing, but I now know how to link to my comic reviews on Google Plus, so now I can do that rather than … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up 2012: Comics

Here’s my first look back at my experience of the popular culture in 2012. We’re starting with the year in comics.

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But I Like Cyclops…

Everyone hates Scott “Slim” Summers, aka Cyclops from the X-Men. Not so. I’m a big fan, and in this article I start to explore the necessity for this kind of character, why people like and hate him, and my own … Continue reading

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The Life and Death(s) of Professor X

A bit of a spoiler, but Professor X, the guy who made the X-Men, is dead. It was met with a collective sigh, and the tapping of keyboards from several bloggers, pointing out the number of times he’s died in … Continue reading

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Spider-Men #4 Review

An issue from last week’s comic delivery which caught my eye, Spider-Men #4, crossing over both the Peter Parker Spider-Man from the ‘normal’ Marvel Universe, and the Miles Morales Ultimate Universe Spider-Man. This was a series which had flown under … Continue reading

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Marvel and the New 52

What? For people keeping track, DC Comics have released 52 new issue ones, pretty much restarting their continuity, heavily amending what’s left over. So far it all seems a little teenage in tone and scope, which is a shame, but … Continue reading

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The Secret Origin of Charlie and the X-Men

I’m a huge X-Men fan. I always have been. Recently I was thinking that I wanted to re-read the classic Uncanny X-Men run from Giant Size onwards, to see if it held up. I wanted to find things to overanalyse, … Continue reading

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