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Some Good and Bad Things About X-Men Revolution

I’ve been meaning to write about my X-Men marathon, and how better than to begin with an era which was short and most people don’t remember. The daily X-Men marathon has been a daily readthrough of every X-Men comic (within … Continue reading

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RPG Quest 2023 – February

I’ve realised I haven’t posted how I’ve been doing in my quest to read every RPG I’ve Kickstarted, so here’s February’s offerings. The first month went pretty well. This one dragged. My RPG reading happens all over the place and … Continue reading

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Explosion High #2 is on Kickstarter Right Now!

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since we saw the kids of Explosion High and now they’re back! For folks who didn’t read issue one or need a reminder, Explosion High’s a comic about a school for superheroes which … Continue reading

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