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Casual Trek Episode Five: A Lovely Walk

This episode was a bit of a different one and way more personal than the usual episodes. Having watched the wrong episode and having some personal life things in the way, we wanted to make an episode, but had to … Continue reading

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Casual Trek Episode Bonus Episode

Technically this is the first episode of Casual Trek Miles and I recorded. We wanted to make sure that the tech worked, we could manage scheduling and our interactions were good. The plan was to talk about our experience of … Continue reading

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The Journey to NaNoWriMo 2015

National Novel Writing Month is round the corner and I’m already excited about it. NaNoWriMo started several years ago for San Franciscan Chris Baty and some of his friends to finally get their crap together and write the novels they … Continue reading

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Preparing for NaNoWriMo: Part One

It’s October the first, and that means one thing. National Novel Writing Month is just round the corner. I’ve got eight articles which will show you how I plan to write a novel, especially this one. While not a guide … Continue reading

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The Last Cigarette e-book edition

Freshly converted into e-book format is one of my earliest short stories, “The Last Cigarette”. It can still be viewed on the website, but now can also be downloaded for free onto Kindles, iPhones, iPads, Nooks, Kobos and the like. … Continue reading

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