Experimental Prescription

Ivy took another pill.
The enzymes had to start working soon. The growths weren’t bad, just a side effect. The doctor said so, he wouldn’t lie. The growths looked like blisters, and felt like something was moving underneath. Pus, or whatever lurks under blisters.
The sensation of movement was so uncomfortable she had to go against the doctors’ wishes.
She took out a sewing needle and impaled the blister. Long, thin legs poked through the hole. Ripping the dead skin open, revealing a spider within. Her other blisters started to ripple, to skitter, to crawl under her skin, waking up.

2 Responses to Experimental Prescription

  1. Jo Eberhardt says:

    Freaky… In fact, I wish I hadn’t read this so close to bedtime.

  2. Chris Mackey says:


    Well done, I can’t stop cringing.

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