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NaNoWriMo 2017 – A Virtual Pub Crawl

  I’m back running the Brighton community for National Novel Writing Month this year, which includes organising a ton of events. My co-Municipal Liaison and I have already hosted a couple of weekly write-ins a week at coffee shops, a … Continue reading

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Six Role-Playing Games to Get You in the Halloween Mood

Halloween or ‘Spooky Christmas’ is a fantastic time of year, and the perfect excuse to get watching horror movies and playing horror games. There are plenty of great horror board games, but board games can only go so far. They … Continue reading

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RPG a Day, Part Two

August’s over and RPG a Day with it. Here are my entries for the second half of the month. The RPG a Day challenge has been an interesting look at the RPGs people have played and their experiences with them. … Continue reading

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RPG a Day, Part One

For the last four years there’s been a thing on social media called “RPG a Day”. I’ve been trying to keep up with it this year on Google Plus and thought it would be good to compile my answers here. … Continue reading

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Hostage Negotiator Crime Wave – Part One

Lijah Ramone isn’t your usual abductor. She’s someone who appears to have no impulse control. She hit and killed a pedestrian on his way home from work; it’s still unclear whether that was intentional. What Lijah probably didn’t expect was … Continue reading

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Crash Day and Traffic

The first novella in my Lightning series is out! Seventeen years ago today, a spaceship from a war-torn planet brought several families of aliens to Earth. They all lost loved ones and gained super powers. They also learnt to hide … Continue reading

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I’ve delved into both politics and review copies of RPGs in the subtlest way possible, by taking on Trump and Putin in a role-playing game about a fictional retelling of three meetings between them.  

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