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I’ve delved into both politics and review copies of RPGs in the subtlest way possible, by taking on Trump and Putin in a role-playing game about a fictional retelling of three meetings between them.  

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So You Decided to Spontaneously Combust in Front of Your Friends (A Beginner’s Guide)

This is the first of the Tempest side-stories, about a family linked to Lightning but not currently part of the main plot. It’s a taster of the themes and concepts of Lightning, as well as being about an awkward teenager … Continue reading

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Inventory Quest!

For the last few years there’s been an RPG contest about writing a role-playing game in 200 words or less. It’s a really interesting idea and the constraints have led to some great RPG concepts. This year I had an … Continue reading

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My short story horror anthology “Cuckoo” has been released! Continue reading

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

I’ve been a fan of Nintendo for several years, it was fairly inevitable that I would pick up a Switch when it was released. The launch lineup has been a little sparse, but the release everyone’s talking about is Legend … Continue reading

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The Slippery Fish and The Haunted Coaster

I worked for a bank for nearly a decade. For a time, I was part of a group for a project taking place in a mostly abandoned building. The bank was letting their contract with the office run out and … Continue reading

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A Real Game

I play and review a lot of games and I love a good bit of meta-fiction, so when I heard about a game about a game which only needed you to print out 40 pages and follow the instructions on them, … Continue reading

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