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Tin 2

I love Lost, even now after all this time. It’s a terrible thing to admit, I’m sure, but there’s the truth.

This April 1st, I wrote a review of the Lost board game for Who Dares Rolls. In fact, I wrote about it three times. I don’t know how successful that was, but here are the links to those reviews.

My initial review.

Then it starts to go wrong.

Then there’s no way out.

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The Deep Forest

Deep Forest

Back in the old gaming site, Hooting into the Abyss, I reviewed The Quiet Year. It’s a map-making game where in three or four hours you make a map of a community and tell a story of a year in their lives. It’s great, you should all throw the designer, Avery McDaldno, $8 for something that awesome.

If you’re not certain of that, she and Mark Diaz Truman co-wrote a spiritual sequel called The Deep Forest. You play a community of monsters who have taken the land back from human colonists. My report on it can be found on Who Dares Rolls.

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Role-Playing Podcasts

A couple of things.

First of all, I’m a massive podcast fan and there are some amazing RPG, “Actual Play” podcasts. Inspired by a friend from work who used to be a role-player and now experiences the games by listening to podcasts, I thought I would make some recommendations.

For people who don’t know what I’m going on about, think of it as semi-improvised radio dramas. My article is found here.

Secondly, I have started to appear as a guest and now a regular part of the Who Dares Rolls podcast. We’re part of the Ministry of Board Games Tabletop Media Network, the third largest tabletop gaming podcast group. I gather we are also the third tabletop gaming podcast group. Still, it’s all up from there. You can hear my dulcet tones on the podcast here.

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The Mist in the Bridge

Bridge Mist

I’ve been concentrating a lot on Lightning and less so on my short fiction, which is a bit of a shame. I was inspired by this Terribleminds flash fiction challenge so I visited the link and one of the titles was the above, “The Mist in the Bridge.” I love multiverses and with the state of comics at the moment and my recent watch of Coherence, I thought I’d play around with that topic.

I may revisit, polish or extend this, but clocking in at just under 1,000 words is my story, The Mist in the Bridge.

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Role-Playing Podcasts

I guest star on a podcast now, as part of the Who Dares Rolls crew. I’m also a bit of a podcast addict, so I wrote an article about some of my favourites.

Think of RPG podcasts a bit like improvised radio drama. I describe some of my favourite channels and series within them. If you’ve ever wanted to listen to a post-apocalyptic drama about a dolphin in space marine armour, a 1920’s train ride, sexy monsters, mech-based war and drunk Dungeons & Dragons, then check these out.

My article is here. I hope you enjoy it.

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Carolina Death Crawl

I introduced the people of Who Dares Rolls to what role-playing games are and can be, so I needed an example to show people how cool games are. I landed on a recent play experience because it was great, but pretty harrowing. It’s tough going and reading through my notes brought back so many strange and horrible moments.

The game is Carolina Death Crawl, by Jason Morningstar.

The review is here.

I also wrote the deathbed journal of my character, Private Robert Shanks; Scofflaw and Deserter.

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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

A Final Fantasy license has collided with a jumble of random words and created Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, which is an awesome game despite the silly name.

I wrote about the game here on D+Pad Magazine. You can download the demo free on the Nintendo 3DS eShop if you like the sound of it. The game’s been out a little while and assume it’s probably fairly cheap now. If you have a 3DS, it’s worth the punt.

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