A Real Game


I play and review a lot of games and I love a good bit of meta-fiction, so when I heard about a game about a game which only needed you to print out 40 pages and follow the instructions on them, I was intrigued.

This game took me on a journey I wasn’t really expecting, but which stuck with me ever since. It made me love the work of Caitlynn Belle and understand a little more about my own issues. It’s comparable to The Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide.

Read my review here, on Who Dares Rolls.

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Lord of the Rings LCG


I’m not the biggest Tolkien fan, although I was raised in a house with a huge fan. My mum named our dog Bilbo and our cats Sam & Gandalf. She painted a mural of Rivendell on my bedroom wall which was there for most of my time living at home. So I feel a kinship for it, even though there are definitely better fantasy series.

The Living Card Game however, has become a massive addiction for myself and my lodger. We’ve been hooked on the game since I was introduced to it at CabinCon 2015.


I finally got round to writing a review of it at Who Dares Rolls, which can be found here.


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We are Here to see the Evil Wizard Kormákur

Along with Juggernaut, I brought out this game which was a freebie from Jason Morningstar. It’s a hidden identity/bluffing game where you’re all hunting an evil wizard. Only some of you aren’t. You pick a partner to share a scene with, declare your actions and run a scene improve-style, incorporating both those actions.
It was fairly short and brutal, but still managed to have a happy end of sorts.
My review is here
The game is here

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Metal Showcase 11pm


Another solo Jason Morningstar game. This time it’s a Choose Your Own Adventure/Lone Wolf style book where you’re a deadbeat youth wanting $1,000 real quick. There’s an all-ages metal battle of the bands coming up so you need to recruit bandmates in order to win. It took me a couple of goes to complete and was really good fun.
My review is here.


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Somehow I got my group playing a Live Action Role-Playing game. Technically it’s a “parlour LARP” where people spend an hour or two in a room, but it still counts. This is a Twilight Zone style game, where on 7 July 1950, a group of scientists (pictured) were locked in a room with a cipher machine which actually predicted the future.
Read on to find out how badly it went for those scientists.

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The Plant


The first of my solo game reviews. This is a free game which needs a few index cards and a pen to play. It’s a sad tale, something which I’ve often found with these solo games. It’s also by the legend behind Fiasco.
The game has you looking for your daughter in an old factory where you used to work.
My review is here
The game is here

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Cards Against Humanity is Shit, Here Are Some Better Alternatives


Possibly my most popular article? With a clickbaity name like that, how couldn’t it be?
This is about the “talking crap with your friends” game recommendation list, along with my criticisms of Cards Against Humanity. It was surprisingly well-received and I really hope people have tried out any of the games I’ve recommended instead. They’re a much better use of your time.

You can find it here

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