The Secret Origin of Charlie and the X-Men

I’m a huge X-Men fan. I always have been. Recently I was thinking that I wanted to re-read the classic Uncanny X-Men run from Giant Size onwards, to see if it held up. I wanted to find things to overanalyse, to write articles about when I’m not making fiction.

The perfect thing to do was combine them. I want to make the articles short, as that’s something which leads to my endless, unfinished essays. I’ll be writing them in batches of a story at a time, rather than an issue.

I wrote a first draft of a ‘prelude’ essay, explaining a bit of the history of the X-Men. It was okay, but in writing a few words on X-Men #94 & 95, I scrapped it and rewrote it. I then realised that something I should get out of the way was my own history with the X-Men. I went deeper than I thought into my own background, and hopefully it ended up as an interesting article.

Here is my History with the X-Men. I hope you enjoy it whether you’re a fan or not.

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