Looking for artist (must like sharks)

Since I was thirteen, I’ve wanted to write comics. I have a bunch of scripts of varying genres, but recently I’ve come up with a webcomic.

This comic, Explosion High is one of the most fun, weirder superhero projects I’ve come up with. I’ve not worked with a comic artist since I was a teenager, but want to get a collaborator for this title. I can’t draw to save my life and rather than eternally script projects for my own entertainment, I want artists.

Other people are welcome to check out the content here and get an idea of what I’m working on, but primarily I need an artist. I don’t know if I’ll have a ton of applications or one, as long as I remove the sharks. Which is a deal-breaker.

I’m going to post links here on a few different sites to try and summon potential artists and if you know anyone who wants to draw a cruel/comedic superhero comic, then send them this way.

1) The Pitch – This is the lowdown on Explosion High

2) The Artist’s Guide – Such as it is, here are a couple of pointers about what little artistic ideas I have.

3) Sample Pages -Three pages of script to show the feeling of the title and for people to audition with.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me, comment on here and preferably show off some of your work.


Charlie Etheridge-Nunn

About fakedtales

I'm a writer, a podcaster, a reviewer of games. Here's where I share my own fiction and my encounters with other people's.
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