Welcome! Have some free fiction!

My name is Charles Etheridge-Nunn, a writer of short fiction, articles, reviews and more.

I started this blog to house my short fiction and several of my thoughts on my journey towards eventually getting published. I have also been lucky enough to have work published at D+Pad Magazine, and the opportunity to do run a creative writing workshop.

I have posted several short stories to this site, all strange fiction, but varying in genre. A common issue people have mentioned is that they don’t like reading fiction from a monitor. That’s understandable, so my plan for this year is to start publishing my work as individual free e-book downloads.

My most recent short story, White Noise, is the first of my works to be published this way.

You can view the story at its usual place on the site, but if you want a Kindle or Epub version of the book, then head to my e-books section where you’ll be able to find more downloads of my fiction in the coming months.

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