After NaNoWriMo…

I’ve ordered two physical copies of Play Dead. One for a proofreader and one for me.

The current plan is that I’ll go through it with a red pen, rip it apart, dissect what worked and didn’t, make a full pile of scene cards (I added a bunch compared to the stack I had before, and might change the order a little). Some of the voices will need a few tweaks to make them more distinctive and I need to sort the accent out.

This month will be scripting Metal Made Flesh #0’s new draft, the fourth, I think and the start of the proofreading. After that, I’ll be spending I think about three months rewriting the novel, splitting it into three mini NaNoWriMos. Then proofread, then edit.

And then I’ll repeat it until the book’s done. Hopefully it’ll be done this year and I can do the same with Point of Departure, my first book.

Writing a novel is a long game…

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