Joe Danger Touch! Review and Update

On the D+Pad Magazine site, I have my first ever iOS review for Joe Danger Touch!

This is late news, but I completely forgot to link to the review. Soon on D+Pad there will be my initial views on the PS4 show last week, along with those of the other journalists on that site.


In other news, I’ve started proofreading Play Dead. I’m not instantly disgusted and hateful of it, so that’s good. I’d say how far through, but I forgot to put page numbers on the proofreading copy. I’ll sort that out soon, too.

I have a tumblr at and Explosion High! has a currently empty one at In unrelated news I don’t quite ‘get’ Tumblr. The Magnificent Mike Armstrong has been a great help with sorting out the technology side of things, as well as doing some amazing designs of core and supporting characters. I may have been hasty in saying that EH! would be good to go by the end of the first quarter, but now it’s looking like mid-year is more likely.

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