Dungeon World: Session One


I’ve been roleplaying for twenty years as of this month. I’ve loved it and some amazing stories have broken out of my brain and those of all of the many, many players who have joined me over the years.

I recently started a campaign of Dungeon World, a game which sounded fascinating as soon as I heard of it and after one session has become a massive hit with my group. My players have been roleplaying for between five and twelve years themselves and picked a lot of systems apart.

On Hooting Into The Abyss, I’m posting a review/actual play report. My plan is that for the length of this campaign I’ll post a report up about the action that happens and the strange story we’re all banding together to make.

Session One is up right now, and a little longer than the other posts will be as I introduce the players, their characters and some details about the rules. From Session Two onwards I’ll only break out of the actual play when something needs to be mentioned about the rules, or something fun that happened out of the game.

There’s also an Obsidian Portal page for the campaign. It may spoil events, but it’s where any stats and any reactions from my players will go.

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