Review – Weapon Shop De Omasse


I’m a big fan of the 3DS, it was my console of choice for the last couple of years and has had some really interesting little games. Specifically the Guild 01 and Guild 02 projects which have you in some of the following roles: An airport luggage handler, a boy running errands in a town where kaiju attack every Friday, oh and where you’re the mech-flying teenage girl president of neo-Japan attacking robots who took over old Japan. That one was possibly the most lucid game made by Suda 51.

This game takes things into a bit more of a mundane realm. Weapon Shop de Omasse has you play the assistant to a blacksmith in a jRPG. Using simple rhythm games you make and repair weapons, then you follow the adventurers who rent them on a kind of high fantasy Twitter. Check out my review here.

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