Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

I’ve been massively behind on posting things I’ve done to my site. Part of this is the horrors of this year, and part is simply forgetting to do it in amongst the rest of my productivity.

The first post will be the biggest. This is my Actual Play of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition’s “Hoard of the Dragon Queen”. The campaign isn’t great, the system’s possibly the best official D&D game I’ve played (the best unofficial one being Dungeon World).

If you like hearing about a chaotic mess of a group doing heroic actions despite themselves, whether you’re a roleplayer or not, hopefully you’ll enjoy these posts:

Episode Minus One – Casting True Resurrection on Dungeons & Dragons
Episode Zero – Character Creation
Episode One, Part One – Deer Collision
Episode One, Part Two – You Must Construct Additional Pylons
Episode One, Part Three – Angry Dwarven Pooing
Episode Two – Spiderweb of Legs
Episode Three, Part One – Violent Fungus
Episode Three, Part Two – Awful Poetry About Dragons
Session Four, Part One – Phontyr’s Unicorn (the best session, if you’re only reading one)
Session Four, Part Two – Caravan Guards (disappointed sigh)
Session Four, Part Three – Stagles!
Session Five & Six, Part One – Half-Orc Patrick Swayze
Session Six, Part Two – The Liftron Elf Con
Session Six, Part Three – Dragon on a Hot Tin Roof
Session Six, Part Four – Fabulous Crocodile Hat
Session Seven – Death at Two and a Half Feet
Session Eight – Joggorilla

Jesus, so many sessions. I feel so sorry for my group. Hopefully the titles of the sessions alone will be tantalising. If not, I’ll be getting back onto other things soon. I do post comic reviews to G+ and book reviews on Goodreads, I may end up posting them here, too.

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I'm a writer, a podcaster, a reviewer of games. Here's where I share my own fiction and my encounters with other people's.
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