Inventory Quest!

200 Word RPG

For the last few years there’s been an RPG contest about writing a role-playing game in 200 words or less. It’s a really interesting idea and the constraints have led to some great RPG concepts.

This year I had an idea for an RPG about two days before the deadline for the 2017 submissions wrapped.

My entry can be found here, but I’ve also presented it below for those of you who are interested:



The Paladin’s mind has been temporarily wiped and you play their well-meaning inventory who are guiding The Paladin safely out of the dungeon!

The Paladin can: Move and wield items with instruction.
The Paladin has: 5HP

The Sword: Attack x2, Cut, Parry, Threaten.

The Holy Symbol: Turn Undead x2, Inspire, Reflect Light, Summon Paladin’s Mount.

The Rations: Feed x2, Bribe, Distract Animals, Leave Trail.

The Shield: Defend x2, Dig, Deflect, Ride Shield.

Rope: Climb x2, Hang, Whip, Wrap.

Lantern: Light Area x2, Burn, Douse with Oil, Scare.

Create 2 rooms each on index cards, with 2 doorways and a challenge.

Sleeping Goblins
Minecart Ride

Shuffle and draw a room; its creator describes the challenge and rolls 1d4.
Between them, the players must cross off that many traits to solve it (+/-1 if it seems hard or easy). The Paladin loses 1HP if you can’t find a fitting trait or choose not to use one.

Move through each room to escape!

If the Paladin loses their last HP, they die and the goblins loot all the items. Narrate their grim fate!
If the Paladin escapes, narrate how he rewards you all for a job well done!


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