RPG a Day 2018 – Day Sixteen – Describe your plans for your next game

Describe your plans for your next game

For the first time in a long time, I know what my next few games are. Plans are a little more vague these days, but that’s fine. The next games are:

Night Witches – This is a game about the real life Russian all-female bomber squadron. It has some pre-made duty stations and we’ll be playing the game to find out what happens. I’ve got no real plans, although it has a mechanic for rotating the GM when duty stations change, so I’ll be gunning for another player taking over GMing for one station, even if it’s just a short one.

Masks – This one I have plans for. Not vast amounts yet, but I have the rough idea. This is ‘season two’ of a game we’ve been playing. Last season the group were superheroes too obscure to be of much note to the public. They fought The Periodic Table of Evil, who have now come forward as The Periodic Table of Heroes. Only the players know they’re really evil, so we’ll see what they do in reaction. I have a ‘darkest future timeline’ story arc which will be activated when one player is absent from a session. They also have Chadlantic to deal with. He’s a meathead bro who inherited the role as the city’s saviour. With the Periodic Table taking over the superhero game, who knows what’s happened to Chad.

The Warren – This is a game about playing bunnies. It’s another ‘play to see what happens’ kind of game, but I’m making my own playset which is on Race Hill, just up from me in Brighton. I have some scenarios which are single sentences, but I won’t share those here as my players might read the blog.

Dungeon World – This is the last half of a story where I sent the group to hell in the conclusion of season one. From there, they’ll need to get back out of hell and face Rath, The Antigod before it turns their world into its new home.

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