RPG a Day 2018 – Day Twenty-One – Which dice mechanic appeals to you?

Which dice mechanic appeals to you?

7th Sea’s rolls are a little tricky, but I’ve really enjoyed the way in which they let players manipulate their levels of success and failure.

I talked about this briefly in my review on Who Dares Rolls, but basically you gather a bunch of ten-sided dice together and roll them, then make batches of the number ten. Normally in games you’re looking for a single number on a dice, the sum of all numbers or an amount of successes (e.g. amount of dice with 7 or more as a result). 7th Sea has you physically handling the dice, clumping them together into groups. There’s something quite satisfying about performing that action.

The menu of challenges and opportunities requires a little bookkeeping from the GM to list down what you’ve asked for and keep track of so much, but I’ve not found that too difficult.

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