RPG a Day 2018 – Day Twenty-Seven – Share a great stream/actual play

Share a great stream/actual play

I’ve mentioned two things a lot in this year’s RPG a Day; Monsterhearts and the Gauntlet. While I know I’ve been pretty heavy on them both, there’s one more mention of them I have to bring up.

The Pocket-Sized Play podcast is a really good actual play series. It’s split into short episodes which I love as a lot of AP podcasts go on way too long. The Monsterhearts seasons they’ve done are short, entertaining and don’t overstay their welcome. Their host, Jason Cordova, gives a little bit of commentary at the start of each episode; something to look out for or something he particularly enjoyed about the excerpt. It’s something I was surprised not to have heard in other podcasts and found really useful in my own play.

Pocket-Sized Play can be found here.

If you’re sick of me raving about The Gauntlet, you could also try out You Don’t Meet in an Inn. Their podcast has had several great campaigns. Engine Hearts, Microscope, Magister Lor and of course, Monsterhearts. They run long and short campaigns, generally sticking at okay lengths and with a group who have a fun chemistry. The most recent episode of theirs I heard was One Missed Call, a two-player game which had the most infectious laughter between the hosts Austin and Christine, then dived right into the serious drama of the game. They’re found here.

As far as streams go, I basically don’t want to watch a four hour video all at once and I don’t really understand Twitch (nor have bothered yet) so I don’t have recommendations there yet.

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