Cadavers: World Gone to Hell is out!

This may be old news for the Kickstarter backers who have had it for a little while and convention-goers who were able to get copies, but now Cadavers: World Gone to Hell is open for anyone to purchase from their site! (Also from Dice Saloon if you’re in Brighton)

Cadavers Cover

The Cadavers anthology’s cover, and a ton of awesome talent listed on it.

It’s a fantastic collection about the last year in the life of a world where monsters and humans live together. In the main Cadavers comic we’ve seen the aftermath, as monsters are refugees from the Spooky Earth and the hate-virus which tore apart their world threatens to destroy the normal world, too.

Matt Hardy put this all together and wrote a good deal of the stories. It was great playing in his and Ed Bentley’s world, as well as acting as a sounding board for Matt’s ideas and helping with the continuity in the anthology.

I wrote scripts for two of the stories.

Blob Detective

The Blob Detective

Blob Detective is a story about a six foot blob who is a private detective. They manage to solve crimes with no hands or ability to talk. The informants, villains and femme fatale are all similar strange creatures brought to life lovingly by Russell Mark Olson who has another Kickstarter out now!



Fractured – Our happy couple.

Fractured is a love story. Kind of. I had an idea for a love between two worlds, but gave it the horror twists the world(s) of Cadavers needed. It’s one of the only stories set in our world, as scientists investigate a fracture in the multiverse and someone falls in love with a ghost. I had some Bernie Wrightson mental images when I went into the scripting, but seeing the work of Rory Donald (of Griff Gristle fame) when we were looking for artists… he was perfect. His moody landscapes create an open yet isolated setting and his shift to sudden brutality when things start to go off the rails was jaw-dropping.

Both stories were lettered by Rob Jones, who put in so much work to the book as a whole, giving each story its own great flavour.

I joined the Mad Robot family briefly at MCM Expo where World Gone to Hell and Murder Most Mundane were going well and Frank at Home on the Farm was debuting. I’m currently working on my next project for Mad Robot which I’ll hopefully be able to share more of once we’ve found a suitable artist.

Oh, and we’ve also had a glowing review of World Gone to Hell on the Talking Comics podcast, found here.

If you’re curious, check out Cadavers: World Gone to Hell and keep your eyes peeled on Mad Robot as there’s a lot more coming out soon.


I know I’ve already posted a picture of Blob Detective, but I love them so much, I had to share more.

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