RPG a Day 2020, Part Seven – Couple’s Roleplaying

My partner doesn’t really do roleplaying games. She’s played The Quiet Year once with my writing group, although she reckons that’s not really a roleplaying game. Then most recently there’s Fall of Magic which again is RPG-adjacent enough for me to get away with. I think the game of Fall of Magic was a little too wacky with two very odd, very different crab singers, but I can hopefully get her to try it again. Lockdown’s tricky for that, as our lodger is the only one of my regular roleplaying group who didn’t get on with it.

The lovely map from Fall of Magic

One of my favourite experiences of roleplaying with her was during Grant Howitt Day. During Battle Wizard Hats, she made a wizard who was… fine. One of the players had repeatedly narrated her actions for her and halfway as a grudge she made a Spreadsheet Wizard. As a man in deep romantic love with Excel, I of course approved. To be honest, a Spreadsheet Wizard felt pretty much in keeping with the level of oddness and fun which Grant Howitt games are known for. She managed to use her magic far more effectively and seemed to be far more comfortable, even if some of it was out of spite. It was nice to share my hobby with her, even briefly. I’m already blessed with a partner who plays board games with me so much (and cursed with never being able to win a game of Scythe or Lords of Waterdeep against her). I’m also pleased she’s managed to tolerate me talking about RPGs so much over the years. Hopefully at some point in the future I’ll be able to get a game of Good Society and possibly Warmer in the Winter arranged, which she’ll be up for joining.

Some of the hats from Battle Wizard Hats
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