RPG a Day 2020, Part Ten – Games I Want to Play

My list was as follows:

Earlier this year there was a whole thing about people listing a dozen RPGs they hadn’t played or run and wanted to. I joined in as it seemed like a fun thing to do. Back then it was pre-lockdown and made for a nice, actionable list of games to run at community RPG nights along with my weekly group.

• Brindlewood Bay
• Comrades
• Fate of Cthulhu
• Girl Underground
• Good Society
• #iHunt
• Pasión de las Pasiones
• Quietus
• Trophy Gold
• Warmer in the Winter
• The Yellow King

A game I want to run, a kind of Shadow Over Innsmouth meets Murder She Wrote

There are some games like Spire and Heart which I’ve run before and would like to do, then others like Band of Blades which I’d booked myself in for running with my weekly group. We got maybe half a dozen sessions into Blades before lockdown and started Dishonored as something light which I needed to do for a review. That game took longer than expected and my community nights took a while to get off the ground.

As of August 10th, I’ve run two of the above games, Pasión de las Pasiones and Trophy Gold. I’ve bought several more RPGs which I want to run as well, some of which I have.

The Socialite, one of the playbooks from Good Society.

Squamous and Quest were two games I really wanted to test, while Alice is Missing and Fellowship are something I want to try in the near future which aren’t on the list. I’m sure there’ll be more, as well, but I’m still eager to get the games on my list run. I’m also trying to balance out the amount of time I spend running and playing games so I don’t render my partner an RPG widow, so I also know I’m on a strict clock and unlikely to get all twelve run. I want to get at least half of them run by year’s end.

One of the many Alices who may be missing.

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