A Fool’s Errand: Board Game Quest 2021 Ends


So… I played every game in my collection. Was this a good idea? No, probably not.

My last game of the year, breaking No Thanks out, now I’ve remembered it’s a fantastic game

It was a fun activity through the year and made me think a lot about the games I have, which ones I want to keep and helped trim the collection down a little. I was a bit more frugal about buying new games as I didn’t want to add too many more to my challenge, although I could have been better at that, admittedly.

I played 233 games in my collection. I have 41 on my sold/to sell pile.

A few pieces of data

My oldest games are:

  • Backgammon (3000 BC)
  • Ludo (400)
  • Tic Tac Toe (1300)
  • Chess (1475)
  • Dominoes (1500)

My newest games are all from 2021:

  • A Game About Quickly Grabbing Creatures That are Totally Different and Watching out for Turnips
  • A Game About Wee Whimsical Creatures and Trying to Identify Them
  • Exit: The Advent Calendar
  • Final Girl
  • Galaxy Trucker Second Edition
  • Oath
  • Quest
  • Railroad Ink Challenge
  • Unfathomable

I played games with 42 different people through the year, although they weren’t all for Board Game Quest. I played games with the following people in 314 logged plays of games:

  • 256 games with Emma, my beloved. Her words sparked this challenge and her patience helped get all of my games played.
  • 88 games with Lee, my lodger. Again, his patience was pivotal and there were multiple times of bribing him with games he knew and liked in order to play weird, unknown games.
  • 35 games with Saffy, 34 with Arthur and one with Maggie, dear friends and fellow writers.
  • 25 games with Steve and 20 with Nicky, the Milehams who were part of a regular board game night with us in the Before Times, and between bouts of lockdowns and quarantines, we managed to get a few games in.
  • The Huddle were great at helping me with many different games in CabinCon: Stew, Sam, Stu, Ben Archer, Dan, Owen, Slatz, Matt, Zippy, Ben Hendy, Dom, Rob, Max, Rich, Rach, Becky, Aidan, Glen, Tim, Blair and James all had games logged with me, even if it was just Don’t Get Got or Two Rooms and a Boom.
  • The In-Fighters, Mark, Vinnie and Gareth, my RPG group, who patiently let me derail a few RPG sessions with board games.
  • Seven games with Jacob, an ex-member of my RPG group who I need to play more games with as its been too long.
  • I had a couple of sessions of an Arkham Horror campaign with some good folks at the Dice Saloon.
  • My brother, who normally has to be dragged to a board game and I had a great time with on Christmas Day playing some games with.
  • And possibly others? Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone.

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped in this ludicrous quest. I’ve heard a couple of people say that they’re going to do something similar for 2022, which is incredible to see and hopefully they’ve got far fewer than I have in this collection.

I do have an annual quest for 2022, which I’ll be posting about next. One which won’t require me to persevere people into joining in with.

For board games, I’ve got a motto of ‘play fewer games more often’. I’ll be trying to actually get good at some games, as I play a lot, but I’m actually not great. We’ve got some campaign games which were left off Board Game Quest and hopefully I’ll continue the long-delayed plays of those. I’ve got some favourites like Root and Scythe which I want to improve my skills with, and Oath, which only had one game.

I hope these blog posts have been entertaining to folks, or at least highlighted some games for you to try out. I’ll see you at the next quest.

Board Game Quest 2021’s done, but there will always be more games.
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