Casual Trek Episode Seven: Casual Trek’s Castle of Creepiness

If you ever wanted to see the inside of a Clanger, this is pretty much what I reckon they look like.

I love horror, so it was great planning and working out how to do a specifically horror-themed episode. There are actually a ton of spooky Star Trek episodes, so I’ve several for future Halloweens, if we’re still doing this in a year or two (which hopefully we will).

The Next Generation: Genesis

This was the first episode I thought of, and one which instantly got the reaction from Miles that he switched this off as a kid. I knew I was onto a good one here. It’s from the furthest in a show’s running that we’ve looked at and it’s fascinating seeing the increase in budget mixed with the balls out insanity that they know they can get away with.

The alternative title for the episode.

Voyager: The Thaw

I must have seen this when I saw the first two seasons of Voyager, but my mind repressed it. This is not a good episode, but when I saw “Evil Clown Matrix Situation” I knew I had to try it. Also Voyager’s been woefully underrepresented, so we’ll be featuring a bit more of them in the near future. If you like a sinister crèche or rec centre, this episode’s got you covered.

The Original Series: Catspaw

Now this is some proper spoopy Halloween party kind of episode. There’s an eeeevil castle, dry ice, skeletons in a dungeon. There are some references to Great Old Ones, a whole Kitten Kong looking situation and Chekhov’s impressively bad wig.

The episodes can be found on all podcatchers, on Spotify or using these links:

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