Explosion High #2 is on Kickstarter Right Now!

They’re back!

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since we saw the kids of Explosion High and now they’re back!

For folks who didn’t read issue one or need a reminder, Explosion High’s a comic about a school for superheroes which is surprisingly deadly. This isn’t a The Boys situation, though, the kids are young, dumb and eager to fight crime, they’re just… not very good at it. The school’s filled with a surprising amount of lasers, dinosaurs and deathtraps, too.

We’ve got a double sidekick who’s been sent here for making his mentor feel old. A nerdy god allergic to almost everything. A science wizard with an uncontrollable mask. An alien who believes he’s been gifted Earth as a birthday present. A drunk barbarian with a giant sword. A flying shark with robot arms and an origin so mysterious even he doesn’t know it!

Issue One brought the cast to the top secret location of Explosion High! Now they’ve arrived it’s time to have some fun!

Things are getting wild on The Ppaarrttyy Cover!

Issue Two brings us two more stories starring our wonderful, weird cast and a fight with some rival students!

First up we’ve got a story about what happens when the sidekicks and young, untrained heroes are left unsupervised. That’s right, it’s time to party! Faye Stacey brings us the art and some explosive chaos when things get out of hand!

Second we’ve got gym class with our team having to practice scaling giant monsters, which turns into a messy race when a rival team decides to take them down! NORRIE brings us some spectacular monster art!

The Climbzilla cover, including the debut of KnifeBird!

Finally, we’re actually naming our lead characters’ team, and the epilogue drawn by Mike Armstrong will give us the reason behind the name!

We’re offering issue one again, too, just in case you backed digitally and want the original thing. Also if you missed our glorious annotated scripts with puzzles, notes, references and burn marks, we’re also offering digital and physical copies of those!

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