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So You Decided to Spontaneously Combust in Front of Your Friends (A Beginner’s Guide)

This is the first of the Tempest side-stories, about a family linked to Lightning but not currently part of the main plot. It’s a taster of the themes and concepts of Lightning, as well as being about an awkward teenager … Continue reading

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Lightning Update – No Idea

When I was thirteen, all the way up until I was seventeen… maybe eighteen, I wanted to run a comic company. I loved comics, I wanted to write them ever since I discovered that they were written. All of my … Continue reading

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Operation Lightning 2015

That right there is a blank corkboard. Take it in. Breathe, relax. This is going to grow, it’s going to become something far bigger, far better. For many years now I have had a concept called Lightning. It started life … Continue reading

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