RPG Quest 2023

I love a weird quest, so it’s time to work out a new one.

In 2021 I played every board game in my collection. It helped me discover some games I’d not played before, dust off some forgotten classics and find a bunch of games I’ve moved on from (I’ve sold ~40 out of 240 board games thanks to that quest)

In 2022 my quest for the year fell down a bit. I decided to read every graphic novel in my collection (barring comic strips and manga). I should have realised this would take ages as I had enough to mean I quickly hit a point where I’d have to read more than one a day and after enough times where I was away from my collection, things got tricky. Also in my hubris I thought I’d write about most of them, which also created a logjam where I’d not remembered to publish some of the posts (still haven’t) or hadn’t thought of anything to say about them.

I needed a new quest, specifically one which would be more doable than Graphic Novel Quest (although I’ll still keep plodding on with that).

So here’s the plan. I’ve backed a lot of roleplaying games on Kickstarter. As of writing, I’ve backed 202 RPGs which have been fulfilled. I’ve read 117 of them, apparently, although I don’t remember most of them. I’ve also run or played 54, although not all of those are games I’ve read.

In total there’s 29,707 pages to read. I reckon that’s doable. 

There are three games I’ve removed from the pile due to the authors, and there are some RPGs which might come in and add to the list. I’m not including the stretch goals for RPGs, although I have a list of those too, just in case this goes well.

After the War, which I’ve started several times when I’ve tried to read all my Kickstarted RPGs in alphabetical order.

So the task is to read each of these RPG books either in PDF or physical form ( I won’t always have a choice of format, but a few I have both).

I will hopefully run some of them that I’ve not tried before, but I’m not going to try and run them all, as I’ve not got that many sessions I’ll be running RPGs for and some might not be the kind of RPG I’ll want to run anyway.

The easy part will be some RPGs like 7th Sea, Blades in the Dark or the Trophy books which I reread fairly often. The hard part will be some games like Exalted Third edition which I haven’t bothered reading as I changed the kind of roleplayer I was between backing the book and receiving it, so I never went back.

I’ve been putting a spreadsheet together, which is where I’m getting all these numbers for. So I can already tell some of the easy rides and difficult challenges I’ll have.

The shortest RPGs I’ve backed are:

  • What, Ho, World! – 1 fold-out page
  • Goth Court – 4 pages
  • Ghost Court – 5 pages
  • synthesis. – 8 pages
  • Fall of Magic: Songs from the Axe & Fiddle – 9 pages
The tiny Songs from the Axe & Fiddle

We can already see a trend here, as the first three are card-based games where the rules are only a small part of it. Synthesis is a small anthology and Fall of Magic’s expansion was a booklet, both of which were part of Zinequest.

The longest RPGs I’ve backed are: 

  • The Yellow King – four books in one set, totalling 776 pages
  • Exalted Third Edition – 686 pages
  • Beam Saber – 438 pages
  • DIE: The Roleplaying Game – 416 pages
  • Starforged – 405 pages
Beam Saber, which I resisted reading for the many years it was in beta and then didn’t get round to when it was done.

There’s less of a pattern here, and only one which I’ve read. The Yellow King was a set I read back in 2020, finally ripping that plaster off as I really wanted to get running a Paris campaign. Hopefully I don’t take as long rereading it, now I know it’s an amazing game. I’ve read half of DIE and have it earmarked as a game I’m wanting to run next year, so it’ll probably be an early one I read in 2023.

Speaking of which, I’m probably not going to go to a strict order, although I’ll be aiming vaguely through chronological order if I need to work out what to read next.

I won’t try to write up my findings on everything, although I’ll probably blather on about them on social media (whatever that’ll look like in 2023), and I’ll definitely review some for Who Dares Rolls either in video or written form.

If this ends up being easy, or if I get intrigued with some of the stretch goals, I’ll try those. Just for comparison to the main task, I have 11,527 pages of stretch goal books to read, over 163 items, of which I’ve read 73 and played with 25.

A beautiful cover for an incursion in Trophy Gold

Finally, what about incoming RPG Kickstarters? At time of writing, I’ve got 22 which I’m waiting for. These go from still in date RPGs like Mothership’s Adspace, mildly and understandably late like Mothership 1E itself, and ‘never coming out’ like Project: Dark, Mountain Witch, Reach of Titan and Forest Hymn & Picnic.

We’ll see how this quest goes, and I’ll try to remember to post here whenever I talk about a game.

Happy 2023, everyone!

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