The Life and Death(s) of Professor X

A bit of a spoiler, but Professor X, the guy who made the X-Men, is dead. It was met with a collective sigh, and the tapping of keyboards from several bloggers, pointing out the number of times he’s died in the past.

I want to go one step further, and look into death and the diminishing of it in comics, using Professor X’s many deaths as a case study. What did these deaths accomplish? What was their legacy? Why was death used as a plot point?

So pretty much the same as the others, but with my level of overthinking the subject, to boot.

As a personal update, I’m currently working on:

* The prose sections of a comic, “Metal Made Flesh”, with the talented Simeon T Aston, the creator of the story and artist.

* Plans for my as yet untitled novel for NaNoWriMo. I’ll get into that with some clarification soon.

* Two short stories set in the world of my book, Lightning, and one which isn’t. The Lightning stories are completely seperate from my book (much like “So You Decided to Spontaniously Combust in Front of Your Friends, A Beginners Guide”) but expand the universe pre-emptively, and both will hopedully add depth to each other in time.

* More reviews for D+Pad, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, Hero Academy, the Final Fantasy VII remake and more.

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