Preparing for NaNoWriMo: Part One

It’s October the first, and that means one thing. National Novel Writing Month is just round the corner.

I’ve got eight articles which will show you how I plan to write a novel, especially this one. While not a guide for how you should write a book, it’s a guide about how you could write one. You’ll get to see information on the novel I am writing and examples from those I have written.

I’m going to aim for two of these a week, and hopefully the next will be up on Thursday.

The list of articles are:

What is NaNoWriMo and why am I reading this?

The Big Idea

Theme and Mood





These will make sense as time goes on, and hopefully you’ll see some of the organic process of planning a novel.

About fakedtales

I'm a writer, a podcaster, a reviewer of games. Here's where I share my own fiction and my encounters with other people's.
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