A Pair of Video Game Reviews and an Update!


I was kindly sent two review copies of games and in the last two days they’ve been posted at D+Pad Magazine.

My first was for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. Castlevania’s a series where I know way more about the games than have experience playing them. It was a lovely looking side-scroller which got me all wistful for Metroidvania games. Luckily the 3DS store also had the very first Castlevania for sale so now I’ve the first and most recent Castlevanias!

I’m also surprised that I’ve found myself missing the 3D on the 3DS after playing a bunch of old DS games. It’s weird, given that it’s a total gimmick, but it does still look quite interesting.

The second review was more difficult, for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I feel bad for the review score that I gave it, but it’s totally justified in the piece. A gorgeous (kind of) game with some interesting (and frustrating) mechanics. It was great to sink my teeth into, but so strange and so stuck in its ways that my enjoyment often felt blocked. In my flat it became known as, “Chorey McChoreson, the most chory game ever.” I should stop naming inanimate objects.


I forget if I’ve mentioned here, but there has been a layout of an Explosion High! strip sighted. Things are going a little slowly, but as two full-time workers with a bunch of life events going on, we’re going to have a slow start.

I’ve started a stricter (in theory) timeline for proofreading Play Dead. It’s 285 pages long (I finally went through the proofreading copy and added page numbers) and I’d only read 20 pages. To get through the next 265, I have to proofread 9 pages a day.

I’m on Google Plus! Find me there and you’ll see weekly round-ups of the comics I’ve picked up. See my inability to manage my own standing order! Marvel at my bedroom carpet in the background of the review photos!


My campaign of “20% More Awesome” is happening bit by bit. I’ve left my old job at Lloyds Banking Group, and even though I miss my old colleagues terribly, I don’t miss the commute or Haywards Heath. That alone is a pretty damn awesome thing, like at least 2-5% more awesome all by itself.

I’ve been trying to do a thing a month, like a couple of Rock Band nights at mine with a bunch of people, a couple of film nights. Now I need to arrange some outings to help my anti-hermit stance. Not sure what yet.

Oh, and soon there’ll be a couple more pieces on this site, not just fiction, but a little bit about my problems with owls. Yes, owls.

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