Fire Emblem Review


Just a small update. After a couple of interesting games which intrigued me but weren’t deserving of a good score, we have Fire Emblem: Awakening.

This was a game I declared dibs on for reviewing duties and luckily so as my colleague Ray Webster picked it up and we kept messaging each other about our character choices. When I politely told him that I’d laid down the dibs first, he was fine with that, saying that his review would just be a giant picture of the character, Sully.

My review’s a bit longer than that, but the tl:dr version is “buy this game if you have a 3DS”. My flatmate went one further and bought a 3DS specifically to play this game. It’s worth it.

The full review is here. I hope you enjoy.

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1 Response to Fire Emblem Review

  1. Walters says:

    “I hope you enjoy.”

    Well I did enjoy the game…xD

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