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Once again I regret not providing more short fiction to this site, but there have been many irons in the fire. I have narrowed my work to four core projects to follow, as I’ve mentioned in some places, but not all. So here is how I’m doing with each of them:



On Friday I hit the two-thirds point of proofreading the novel. I think I’ve had one, maybe two pages without any red marks on them, which is a whole lot more than I thought I’d have.

After I completed the first part of the book, I’ve felt that it has improved vastly. When I go back through the book for the edit, I’ll see what that means.

I had to explain the premise of Play Dead to my father and his girlfriend last weekend and in giving the synopsis, I was shaken up by the end. Hopefully this will happen to the reader when they reach these parts, because otherwise I’m even more unnecessarily vain than I thought.

So my progress this week is reaching page 191 out of 285.



My main work with Lightning’s new draft has been in my notepad, “Darling Killer”. I’ve laid out the new chapter division, decided a main family’s surname needs to change, an organisation needs to change and started on some language rules with a character who’s a strange visitor from beyond the stars with a backless medical gown and a gun.



The webcomic has taken the back burner this week as I’m working on the layout of strips for the second arc. I found a piece of paper with one of the crudely-drawn (by me) strips loose in my bag, so I’m wondering how much content has gone missing there.



I’m pleased that my fourth project was ‘all the blog things’ as my duties have now expanded.

My comic reviews are still going on over at Google Plus, with my pick of the week being linked to in the Comic Book Community’s coverage of the week’s comics.

For D+Pad I’m repeatedly getting my arse kicked by Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, a game I’m enjoying but might have given up on if not for the review. I’m also preparing to laugh myself to death when I hear Microsoft’s speech.

Then there’s the new blog. In the week I was invited to join Hooting into the Abyss, written by my friends who were all part of the Guardian Gamesblog. It’s a blog which deals with tabletop gaming, so I’ll be adding RPG and board game reviews (both of which I’ve been meaning to break into) there.

It’s found at

My review of the addictive little card game Love Letter will be posted there in the next week, as will a piece on Fiasco.

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