Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

I’ve been a fan of Nintendo for several years, it was fairly inevitable that I would pick up a Switch when it was released.

The launch lineup has been a little sparse, but the release everyone’s talking about is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. My brother played Link to the Past religiously on the SNES, which was how I first experienced the series. Then Ocarina, Wind Waker and the DS games. I’ve been going back from the start and playing them all, starting with the original Legend of Zelda which I’ll get to when I’m done. Right now, however, I’m all over Breath of the Wild. I thought that I’d rekindle some of that D+Pad fun by having a review of the game.


This is Link.
He’s a magic fairy boy who starts the game in his pants, then goes off to explore Hyrule and save it once he’s done exploring. He’s dressed like a ninja here, but only a little bit. The rest of his clothes make noise, which runs counter to the whole ‘stealth’ thing.
Here are the results of Link’s tour of Hyrule.


This is Shaggy.
It’s a little chilly where he’s at, so his thick coat’s very useful. Shaggy reckons that he’s a guard at the stable and side-eyed the cart in the background just in case anyone suspicious was hiding there.


Doggo in a Cloudy backdrop.jpg
This is Bernard.
He’s more happy-go-lucky than Shaggy, but the pair could be mistaken for each other on an overcast day. The sky was really broody here, ready to rain. Link slept in this stable, hoping the weather would clear up by morning. It did not.


doggo and ninja friend.jpg
This is Radish.
She’s possibly slightly too brave and not very smart. She cannot see the ninja who has crept right up to her. She would be ambush-petted if it was possible.


A horse.jpg
This is Dobbin.
Apparently he is a horse. Link was not convinced.


doggo thinks he's a fisho.jpg
This is Karpo, who is apparently a fish. Link offered to throw Karpo back into the water, at which point Karpo decided they were fine being beached. Karpo is a rubbish fish.
Unconvincing Fish/10


This is Jennifer. Jennifer is a wolf and not a dog.


Underhut Doggo.jpg
This is Manuel, who is an underhut dog. Link nearly missed him having a fun old time under the hut. He may have been spying on cooking going on inside.

So to sum up, the Switch itself is a good console, certainly something which I want to play more games on. To be honest, any multi-console releases I want on the Switch just for the portability and the adorable controllers. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game which caught my attention more than any other in a long time. It stuck in my mind after a session of play, making me think about it whenever the console was out of my hands.
That said, there is a glaring problem which has affected my final scoring of the game:



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