200 Word RPG Challenge 2018

I thought I’d missed the 200 Word RPG Challenge this year. I’d decided I was fine with that as things have been busy. Then I found out it hadn’t happened yet and knew I’d have to contribute something when the contest began.

I love the idea of Wind of the Path, a duelling RPG to play with other players you might meet at conventions. It reflects wandering ronin meeting and fighting each other and was found in the Gauntlet’s superlative Codex zine, specifically the Iron issue.

I also love Pokémon, ever since I worked at a comic shop and was handed a pirated version of Pokémon Blue on a floppy disc as ‘research’ for the incoming Collectable Card Game which we knew was going to be a big thing.

This year I’ve combined them both into the following game:

Sticker Monsters!

You’re a trainer of monsters, questing through the land to do good with your adorable companions!

Find your monster!

• get two stickers, combine them into a unique monster

• draw a box around it

• draw some special effects

• give the monster a name and a type (e.g. Stachebear, grooming-type)

• write three Moves (e.g. Entangle) and a type each Move belongs to

Find other trainers!

Either out in the wild or in your own home.

Solve Problems!

Look around and pick something to turn into a weird, fantastical problem. You both need to provide one Move each and one to combine with the other trainer’s monster. Describe your monster and narrate these moves to solve the problem! Mark 2XP each.

Or You Can Battle!

Describe your monsters, pick and describe a Move. Both briefly discuss which would get type advantage. They win the round. Play a second time with remaining moves and a third if there’s a tie. If still tied, flip a coin. Winner marks 3XP, Loser marks 1XP.


Every 5XP, add a sticker, a new move and a type for it. At five stickers, retire your monster to the wild and start again.

Here are some sample monsters I’ve made:

Here’s the link for the game on the 200 Word RPG site. Even if it doesn’t get anywhere in the challenge, hopefully some people will have fun with it.

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