RPG a Day 2018 – Day Thirty-One – Share why you take part in RPG-A-DAY

Share why you take part in RPG-A-DAY

I take part in RPG a Day because it allows me to talk about some cherished memories and revisit them myself.

I’d not thought about some of the things I’ve talked about for years until I mentioned them here. The love triangle in Buffy, the CCG style cards I made for characters. My mention of using Obsidian Portal reminded me to get it set up for Night Witches as it’s a useful resource when you’ve got a ton of NPCs floating around and access to character images from the Nachthexen cards.

A player of mine reminded me that he’s also been reading the articles, which have given a bit of a glimpse behind the curtain about the origins of some things going on in games. I’m generally pretty open with most things in games, but aspects like my RPG metaverse tend to be quietly sowed into a story rather than overtly stated.

I get to see other people’s answers and enjoy those, too. The last couple of years have had some questions which felt a bit like an opportunity to moan about things, but this year’s been more of a celebration. It’s been nice seeing what people like in the community, especially given how some bad actors can make the wider gaming environment seem.

Personally, I want to take everyone’s NPCs they mentioned in the first week, adopt them and give them cameos in my games. Sometimes there are extra challenges set by other people in September, so I’ll be keeping an eye out in case there are any which take my interest.

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