Who Dares Roles: I make videos now!

Hey, I’ve started doing something new for Who Dares Rolls. Yes, I’ve pivoted to video. I write reviews and general chatter about indie RPGS as well as the occasional board game. Until recently we had a podcast, but busy schedules and other issues led to it going on hiatus.

I still wanted to talk about RPGs and as Mike’s been having a lot of success waffling about games (as well as old man popular culture) , I thought I would try my hand at it. When Mike gave a list of comics which would make board games I disagreed with, I decided to test the video waters by making a response. It was an excuse to talk about comics and about hypothetical board games and hopefully it went alright:

I also appeared on the “What’s Hot in Indie RPGs” 2020 video conference. I had a prerecorded bit saying about the game which most wowed me in 2020 (Trophy Gold) and the game I was most looking forward to in 2021 (World’s Greatest Role-Playing Game Pasión de las Pasiones). I was really pleased and surprised to be invited on by Epistolary Richard who hosts the panel each year and ran the first ever game of Monsterhearts I played.

All of this has led to me starting a regular feature for Who Dares Rolls. Every couple of weeks I’ll be posting up a video which will be edited by Mike B. The general format is a bit about what I’ve played, any interesting new RPG acquisitions and any news.

In addition to this style of video, I’ve got plans for some deep dives into individual games I’ve run or played, and the bibliography of some indie publishers who I’m a fan of. I know this first video’s got a slight sound difference thing going on, but I’m working on things like sound and lighting (as is Mike). If there’s anything people want to see or hear about in the world of indie RPGs, let me know!

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