Who Dares Roles: Cyberpunks and Missing Teens

My second video for Who Dares Roles ran a little long, but covered a good amount of RPG content. My copy of Alice is Missing (which I’ve now had a chance to virtually play and will review after another playthrough) arrived.

In addition, my preorder for Cyberpunk Red showed up and I’m still in the process of reading it. There are some potential issues, but I’ll have to cover those in some future content, either written or in video.

Before picking up Cyberpunk I actually bought a micro-RPG called CBR+PNK which is a micro-system Forged in the Dark, where cyberpunks go on one last heist together. It’s trifold booklet-size so I did print out a copy to show off.

There’s a bit more news and a little more to show off, too, so if you’re interested, check out my video here:

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