Casual Trek Episode One and Two: The Pilots

The Casual Trek podcast cover

I announced my Star Trek podcast, Casual Trek, but I realise I’ve been remiss in not mentioning the episodes here as they come out. This is supposed to be the repository of what I’ve done creatively, after all.

Miles and I watched the first six pilots of Star Trek television shows: Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and Discovery. Then we recorded ourselves recapping the details for folks and put them on a big list of best to worst.

This is a podcast in the style of Battle of the Atom, BatChat and Every Story Ever, but we figured with Star Trek television shows, folks might not always remember what happened in an episode. For our first show, “Flat Galaxy Theory” we didn’t set any limits and ran a bit long on the recap. From the second show, “Attack of the PS1 Aliens!” we set a timer and that helped us move more of the discussion over from the recap to general discussion of the episode, the themes and ideas in it, as well as where it stands on our big list.

Ultimately the list is just an excuse to chat about the episodes we liked and didn’t, and as a fan of weird quests, this kind of arbitrary mission is entirely up my alley.

Episode One: Flat Galaxy Theory

Spock and Pike admire some vibrating flowers

This episode covers The Original Series, The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

It was interesting revisiting these shows. The Cage was one of the few Original Series episodes I remembered watching and while there were some elements I’d forgotten, I’ve become massively more forgiving to the hokey effects, shaky sets and weird space fantasy looking elements.

I forgot to mention The Singing, Ringing Tree in the discussion about The Cage, as the vibrating flowers reminded me of that, and while we ran long, I was pretty proud of this as a first podcast episode.

Episode Two: Attack of the PS1 Aliens!

The best character on Enterprise

This episode covers Voyager, Enterprise and Discovery’s pilots.

Voyager was watched mostly on a train, while Enterprise and Discovery were watched at home. With Discovery, I realised partway through “The Vulcan Hello” that it was a two-parter and I’d need to keep watching the show, but also that we wouldn’t meet most of the cast. Still, a pilot’s a pilot, so I pressed on.

The episodes can be found on all podcatchers, on Spotify or using these links:

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