Casual Trek Episode Bonus Episode

Technically this is the first episode of Casual Trek Miles and I recorded. We wanted to make sure that the tech worked, we could manage scheduling and our interactions were good.

Calibrating systems! I barely resisted putting Garrus from Mass Effect on the cover.

The plan was to talk about our experience of Star Trek as we’re casual Trek fans, but still massive nerds enough to have a long, storied history with it.

We talk about our first Trek experiences, our opinions of the shows and our favourite characters from each show.

We also talk a lot about niche Brighton nerd shop lore. It sounds woolly and it is a little, but it’s still entertaining and we do refer back to this episode so if you’re a hardcore Casual Trek canon fan, check this one out.

The episodes can be found on all podcatchers, on Spotify or using these links:

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