Casual Trek Episode Three: Oh Dear, It’s Blackface!

We finally hit regular episodes instead of pilots and you can tell by the length of our recaps and my many pages of notes for each episode being reduced to a couple of pages.

As well as our big sheet of best to worst, I have a list of potential themes for episodes and literally the first big one I knew we had to do was Klingons. They’re the big iconic enemy whether you’ve seen one episode or hundreds (oh dear god there are hundreds of episodes, what have I done?)

Sure, I ship these two.

The Original Series: Errand of Mercy

This episode helped solidify what I’ve been thinking which is, “I actually like the mystical space bullshit” which I didn’t care for when I was a kid. There’s a Ren Faire planet and some smoldering tension between Kor and Kirk. We also can’t avoid talking about the whole ‘blackface’ problem with the Klingons, especially in this era.

The Next Generation: Matter of Honour

Next up we have a weirdly mundane episode where the enemy is bacteria! I also kind of love that. There’s an alien I recognise mainly from the Star Trek Collectable Card Game and Riker goes on work experience!

Deep Space Nine: House of Quark

Finally we have House of Quark. This feels like a fun story game like Fiasco where you have to keep escalating things going wrong until it reaches a massive crescendo. When my Star Trek mood hit big time, this was the last episode I watched and having to go back to it really didn’t matter as it’s that much fun.

It’s also got the glorious mad eyes of Gowron which are amazing.

Gowron will return for a Casual Trek Gowron Power Hour

The episodes can be found on all podcatchers, on Spotify or using these links:

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