Casual Trek Episode Four: Daddy Beard of Sadness

I’ve been loving Strange New Worlds and pacing out the watching of it. As of writing I’ve still got one episode to go, and I know that it’ll be a shame once it’s over.

I knew the first episodes of Casual Trek would be the pilots, that I wasn’t going to touch Picard for a while and that I’d need to do something special for Strange New Worlds.

This image will make sense if you listen to the podcast

Enterprise: Strange New World

I started looking for other episodes with the same name and was shocked there was only one. An Enterprise episode. I’m sure I’d seen it before when I acquired the first ten or eleven episodes, but I’d managed to completely forget what it was like. I decided to try and make it a ‘bit’ that we were specifically reviewing this episode and that I’d not realised there was a TV show by the same name, although I probably didn’t warn Miles to extract me from the bit as soon as possible. I gather Enterprise gets better later on, but this is four episodes in and it’s uh… it’s not good.

Discovery: Through the Valley of Shadows

There wasn’t a second Strange New World or Worlds, so I decided we’d watch the backdoor pilot to SNW on Discovery. The problem was that the entirety of season two was kind of a backdoor pilot, so this one was the one to go with as it features Pike’s vision.

Then I watched the wrong episode and spent the whole thing thinking the vision would pop up at some point, only to realise I’d goofed. Between this and some medical appointments on Miles’ side of things, this was why episode five would be a different thing entirely and why it was recorded before episode four. The episode itself is fine. I keep being impressed that Discovery’s episodes hold up better on the rewatch for me.

Strange New Worlds: Strange New Worlds

The main event. This one’s a pilot I saw once on my own, saw once with Emma and then watched again for the podcast, and I don’t even mind. It’s really fun and even though Miles is quite right about the Whedony quippiness, I think I’m a bit more immune to it than him. I like Discovery, I experience Picard, I love this. The only shame is that it’s stuck on a channel like Paramount Plus instead of on channels where future generations of nerds can easily access it.

The episodes can be found on all podcatchers, on Spotify or using these links:

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