Casual Trek Bonus Episode: Uncasual Power!

Miles told me this scene was real.

Casual Trek is not a Doctor Who podcast. We made this clear from the very start. Much like how I’d be insufferable if this was an X-Men podcast, so would Miles be if this was a Doctor Who podcast.

And yet, here we are.

I’ve been a slightly more casual fan of Doctor Who as I am Star Trek. I came to it late, didn’t care much for it at first and learnt to enjoy the show as time went on.

A lot of the later Moffat years and the Chibnall ones have tested my enjoyment, although there’s always been at least one good episode per series. While I message back and forth with Miles most days, I’d not bothered with the special final Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who episode, but Miles wanted to talk about it and I wanted a reason to care.

Miles suggested we do a bonus episode and I provided the caveats that 1) I not have to watch it beforehand and 2) I not edit it, as I do the editing chores and had too much to do already. He was good with it, so here we are. 

Does Miles convince me to watch Doctor Who? Probably, but can I be bothered to do it anytime soon instead of leaving it most of a year like with the previous series? 

Listen, and find out!

Also as Miles keeps going on about Blake’s 7, I’ve decided not to watch it, which means his choice of episode name went right over my head as a Blake’s 7 reference. There will have to be vengeance.

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