Welcome to Faked Tales!

Welcome, I’m Charlie Etheridge-Nunn, a writer and waffler about various things like comics and games in all forms.

Explosion High & Mad Robot Comics

First of all, I write comics at Mad Robot. If you see us at conventions you can pick up my first work in Cadavers: World Gone to Hell, including the tragic horror “Fractured” and the monster noir, “Blob Detective”

My main work at the moment is Explosion High! It’s a comic about a fun and deadly superhero school. In it, a team of lacklustre sidekicks and directionless deities find a home and friends in a place which is literally trying to kill them at every opportunity. It’s full of noise, explosions, dinosaurs and friendship.

Pictures: Explosions and friendship. I assure you there are dinosaurs inside.

You can pick up physical copies at conventions, at Dave’s Comics and the Dice Saloon in Brighton, or Comics, Games & Coffee in Chichester.

Digital copies are available at Itch.io and DriveThruComics

Hundreds of students enter, a lot fewer will leave.

There’s a Kickstarter for issue two coming soon, which you can sign up to get notified about by going here.

Climbzilla! The gym class kaiju!

Casual Trek

I started a podcast about Star Trek with Miles Reid-Lobatto, one of my older, favourite writer friends. Inspired by shows like Every Story Ever, Battle of the Atom and BatChat with Matt & Will, we watch a few episodes of Star Trek at a time and rank them against each other on an increasingly large list of best to worst.

Go do a Starfleet!

Star Trek’s kind of a tertiary fandom to us both. It’s been a constant fandom in our lives, just not as much as X-Men for me or Doctor Who for Miles, so we consider that makes us the perfect moral authority on such a subject.

For people more casual than even us, we recap the episodes and try not to overrun too much (although we are keeping record of who’s overrunning more). This is an accessible entrance to Star Trek, even if we get into a great many tangents like the Young Ones, Blake’s 7, the writer Chris Claremont and our combined experiences in Brighton.

You can find Casual Trek on any podcatcher, on Spotify and here.

One of the alternate titles for one of the recent episodes

Who Dares Rolls

I write about indie RPGs for Who Dares Rolls, and put up videos occasionally on their YouTube channel, along with the eccentric, effervescent Mike B.

The super serious logo, made by Mike B from when I was only writing about solo RPGs.

Recently I’ve been putting out some solo roleplaying game Actual Play podcast episodes in my occasional series, “Playing With Ourselves”. These are kind of re-enactments or short story readings, going through games like the letters written in “Quill”, a journal from someone in the nigh-eternal queue to see Edd the Duck’s coffin in “The Queue” and the self-explanatory “You Are Quarantined with Adam Driver and he is Insisting on Reading You His New Script”

Faked Tales

This blog is where I put any short stories, articles or general blog posts about my writing and the popular culture in general.

About fakedtales

I'm a writer, a podcaster, a reviewer of games. Here's where I share my own fiction and my encounters with other people's.
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