My Television Shows of 2022

I watch a lot of television and I’ve been trying to actually finish more shows as far too often things end up abandoned. Here’s a list of the TV shows I watched at least a full series/season of this year and my opinions.

I’ve decided to list my top eleven shows, but before that, I’ll mention everything else.

28 Days Haunted

Groups of mediums, flim flam artists and so on are in an American reality show staying in haunted places and playing ‘yes and’ with each others’ theories. Or noping others’ imagined stories about ghosts. Not good, but still kind of entertaining.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Season Three

I finally finished this series, which had been outstanding in my list for a while. I loved the exaggeratedly, childishly awful world it made, Neil Patrick Harris felt like he was having a great time and it’s always a joy to hear Patrick Warburton’s voice as Lemony Snicket.

American Horror Stories Seasons One and Two

I like horror and anthologies, but with that comes a mixed bag of quality. Season one felt too mired in the overused elements of American Horror Story lore. Season two improved and there were some fun performances in both, even if there were also some real clunkers.

American Horror Story Season Ten

The first half was a kind of Innsmouth meets vampires and I love a good crumbling seaside town aesthetic. The second was less interesting with an alien invasion story. Some good moments but solidly on the lower half of the AHS stories.

And Then There Were None

A gorgeously produced version of the Agatha Christie book, with some classic British TV and film alum on board. I was given it when I was on a murder mystery kick, and it definitely helped keep me in the mood.

Archive 81

An interesting mystery show based on a podcast which Emma had listened to. It was good, but unfortunately sets up a season two that won’t be happening.

Big Boys Series One

When starting my big Lightning rewrite I wanted to check out British sitcoms with characters of the kind of age of some of my cast. This was a more recent one, and good fun, hopefully there’ll be more of it.

Black Books Series One to Three

A return to an old classic. Still good.

Book of Boba Fett Season One

This show started strong, looking like it was about land reclamation and had a great sequence of Boba Fett acting like a grumpy coach of a sports team when he was training Tusken Raiders to ride speeder bikes. It felt like it gave in to some cowardice and became a few bonus Mandalorian episodes.

The Boys Season Three

I hated the comic of The Boys (despite loving Ennis and Robertson), and the TV show’s been far better than the original material. It was nice seeing Jensen Ackles in a non-Supernatural role for the first time in ages and he seemed to have fun as a terrible kind of Captain America type hero.

Pretty much the Mark Millar Captain America

Boys: Diabolical Season One

Another anthology show. Episodes fluctuated between being based on the show or the comic in moments. It was fine and didn’t outstay its welcome.

Bridgerton Season Two

I love a good Regency romance, and while Bridgerton isn’t high-minded or classic, it’s still a charming, fun show. There was a lot of heckling of Anthony for being rubbish and while there was too much made of the Queen’s “Diamond” this season and too many comparisons to that time the kids from Gossip Girl tried to find out who was actually Gossip Girl, it was still entertaining.

The Cuphead Show Season One

This was fine, I felt no motivation to watch season two.

Doctor Who: Power of the Doctor

You can find out my opinions in the Casual Trek bonus episode.

Fear the Walking Dead Season One

I’m late to the party here, but reading the Death Throes RPG and running Zombie World got me in the mood to finally watch it. The lack of need to do anything related to the comics felt kind of freeing.


The RPG designer batts made a video about FLCL and I have an RPG based on it, but I’ve only just got round to seeing it. This was bonkers. I think it was fun?

Grand Designs

Look, I’m old, I get to like this. Actually, my wild university nights often involved RPG prep with a greyhound leaning on me and watching Time Team, so I think I was always this way. After listening to Trashfuture’s Britainology episode on Grand Designs, I had to watch some of the tales of hope and hubris. Especially the hubris.

House of the Dragon Season One

Out of Rings of Power and House of the Dragon only one got finished by me this year and it’s mainly because it was entertaining, sometimes frustrating trash. While having a lot more ground to play in means you have a lot of wiggle room, this show likes to skip forward to any dramatic moments we know from World of Ice & Fire. Emma bailed as she’d hoped it would be more High Fantasy Succession and I concur. We need to like someone in the show, but they’re all awful.

In-Betweeners Series One to Three

I only saw the first series of this and again, it became Lightning research. While elements have aged poorly, this was great fun and while my sixth form time was far nerdier than this, the tone of futile adolescent desperation is bang on.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seasons One to Four

I’ve been rewatching this alongside the Always Sunny Podcast. It’s still very good, especially once Danny DeVito makes an appearance.

Kingdom Season Two and Ashin of the North

Lee and I watched this and finally got up to date. It felt like season two ended the story and then kept going in the promise of a season three which may not come. There was an A+ weasel character in Cho Beom-pal, and some incredibly tense moments. The film was good, but again there was the sense that it probably won’t go anywhere in the long run.

The Lake Season One

This show scratched my Gilmore Girls itch. A girl reconnects with her biological father as he tries to win back his family’s lake house from his stepsister. It’s light fluff, with some really fun episodes and a quirky supporting cast. The man the dad’s into also makes recreations of crime scenes using taxidermied animals, which is quick the character trait.

Moon Knight Season One

The modern MCU content is so wildly varied these days. A lot of Moon Knight was good, from Oscar Isaac’s performance, F Murray Abraham as a cranky Venom-style voice in his head and the more psychedelic moments. It could have gone weirder.

Ms Marvel Season One

I loved Kamala Khan, her family, her world and the presentation style of ‘what if Spider-Verse but in the real world?’. Her change to glowy CGI powers and the whole season waiting to get her a costume and codename felt like an old school live action take on a superhero and was less welcome. Hopefully we’ll get more of her actually being a hero.

Nathan For You Seasons Two & Three

God, this show hurt at times. It’s really good fun and was entertaining to watch Lee’s increasing sense of horror with each episode.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks Series 29-30

I didn’t realise Greg Davies was hosting this, and it was good fun. Even Noel Fielding was alright and over the years I’ve generally found him incredibly irritating.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Season One

I was tired of Star Wars and ready to hate this. Let’s ignore the oddness of the Kid Leia of it all and just revel in an old master and young kid getting up to hijinks in the increasingly awful Empire-occupied galaxy. There were some great ‘mundanity of evil’ moments and Rebels putting it on the line, which prepared me for Andor which I’m not finished watching but have been loving.

Not actually from the series, I just wanted to post this gif.

Orville Season One

I wanted a Star Trek, but one with the feeling of hope, wonder and joy of how I remember Star Trek being. This was a good substitute until Strange New Worlds came out, even with the Seth MacFarlane of it all.

Paper Girls

To call this a Stranger Things type show feels reductionist, but the comparisons have to be made. This show felt more personal, more interesting and even though the cast aren’t always in the 80’s, the sense of the awfulness of the 80’s rather than the neon nostalgia of it was good. I’m so annoyed this isn’t getting another season.

I had this hair in 1991.

Picard Season Two

I finally got round to finishing Picard Season two. An improvement on season one, but still the weakest of the current Star Trek shows.

Reboot Season One

I love television and comic inside baseball, so a comedy about a reboot of a 2000’s era sitcom was perfect for me. It was really enjoyable, if a bit short.

Riverdale Season Six

Riverdale went full on insane and I loved it. It starts strong with a parallel spooky reality called Rivervale, super powers, witchcraft, an ancient fight against evil, the afterlife is a diner and memory is a long box of old comics.

Simpsons Season Sixteen

When I first got Disney Plus, I decided to watch beyond where I finished with The Simpsons (around season nine). I heard it got bad and wanted to see it die for myself. I’ve given up early in season seventeen as man, it drops off in quality quickly.

Star Trek Lower Decks Season Three

This show is still surprisingly good for a MacFarlane/Roiland-looking cartoon. I’m always wary with a D&D type episode, as much as I normally love a Ren Faire planet, but this season had one which wasn’t as bad as some TV show attempts to do an RPG.

Superstore Season Six

I enjoyed the first five seasons last year and the last season finally got released. It was one of the first things I saw which dealt with the pandemic, especially at a worker’s perspective (You had it from a wealthy suburbanite’s perspective before this, but that was about it).

The Thick of It Series One to Three and Specials

This year in politics made me yearn to watch something with less chaos, where the incompetence was more interesting and less destructive, so I rewatched The Thick of It.

What We Do in the Shadows Season Three

As good as the previous seasons, even if I didn’t initially care for the idea of the vampire nightclub. Both that, what they did with Colin Robinson and a terrible building show pastiche make for good moments.

Next up, my top eleven TV shows I watched in 2022

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